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Located in the heart of the Mancos Valley, Green Lynx Farms started as a small, four-acre hemp farm. Within the first year, plans were made and construction began on our current state-of-the-art greenhouse facility, where we have produced top quality industrial hemp clones, feminized hemp seeds, and ready-to-plant seedlings.

Within our greenhouse walls, we grow “Seed Mothers” using natural, organic farming methods to ensure the highest quality seeds available.

Green Lynx Farm’s breeding program grows, crosses, and tests numerous hemp strains and phenotypes in search of the ultimate CBD hemp strain.


We have stringent criteria based on high CBD properties, THC compliance, disease and pest resistance, high resin content, and increased yield.

BRILLIANCE! High CBD, Feminized Hemp Seeds.

For 2019, Green Lynx Farms released a fresh crop of high CBD, feminized, hemp seeds. This stock of seeds, derived from a Berry Blossom strain, produced a seed with a CBD range of 12–13%, a low THC content within legal limits, and a germination rate of 96%. We call this new strain, Brilliance; a magnificent achievement for our first year of selective breeding.

For 2020, we are heading in a new direction as we have teamed up with another local seed producer. Reach out to us for more information about available seeds for your farm.